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    Hello there, I love Python, communities, closing issues on GitHub and good documentation. Looking forward to connecting with you all over the internet at @vipulgupta2048
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    One of enthusiastic species.
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    Tech guy, curious about learning, and foodie.
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    Open Source Enthusiast, foodie
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    Open Source crazy. Pythonista. Foodie
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    Saurabh Kumar, from New Delhi, is a Python evangelist and programs for web. When he is not working for his clients, he likes to contribute to open-source projects and organizes programming workshops for school and college students.
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    A Pythonista; http://SanyamKhurana.com
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    Python, linux lover, core dev of http://kivy.org, professional mobile/cross platform developer since last 5 years.
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    I worked three years in IT before quitting my job to travel and explore different things. In last one year traveled a lot and got the motivation to freelance and did some projects. Currently, I am enhancing my web development skills.